Funded PhD in Deaf heritage/history/spaces


Applications are invited for a full-time PhD studentship in Deaf Heritage at the University of Bristol.

Wherever they occur, environments designed for Deaf people challenge our assumptions of a ‘normal’ sensorium, and speak of the creativity of humanity in overcoming difference. Yet this rich heritage remains underexplored and the learning that it offers, untapped. Historic England and Bristol University are working together to supervise an exciting new PhD opportunity, that will advance our understanding of Deaf heritage by exploring the relationship between Deaf history and culture and the buildings around us, and by developing policies and processes to protect and manage Deaf heritage sites both now, and into the future.

The successful student will work with experts in Deaf history and heritage management to identify and assess sites in England, describe and understand their significance and devise and test negotiated plans for their future sustainable management. To be successful, they…

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