We’re back… 

Hi all – as you’ll know if you follow this blog, it’s been quiet for a year or so.

Some of us have been busy getting jobs, others have been busy changing jobs. With no summer school to prompt us to action or summer workshop to bring us all together, we’ve omitted to post.

Recently, however, four of us – Mary Beth Kitzel, Gill Harold, John Walker and myself met in Hastings… and have been discussing the future.

The shape of those working in Deaf geographies has shifted considerably since the earlier days of 2004/5, and although most of those originally involved are still associated in some way, we thought it was important to pick the blog up again, and to make it the central point of reference for Deaf geographical work.

We’ve registered the domain deafgeographies.com, and will be working on the blog to make it more of a central resource.

We’ll also be adding regular posts, from us… and from others working in the field.

So keep an eye open :)