Webcast details for Workshop in Deaf Geographies

To allow you to watch the workshop, and participate in discussion, we are running a live webfeed.

This will carry the workshop, plus ASL and BSL interpreting – all slides, and will allow you to interact with us here.

You won’t need to register, simply arrive at the URLs within the first hour of streaming, and put in a name for the session.

There’s a limit of 100 participants.

Here’s the details:

Dear Virtual Deaf Geographies Workshop Participant,

Welcome to the Workshop in Deaf Geographies! Below you are the links to the three separate days.  (Please note the list is presented in local British Summer Time.)

We will be running a three-camera operation that includes a blackboard presentation of the speaker’s slides and a camera for each form of interpreting: ASL and BSL.

The session will go ‘live’ at the times stated, technically one hour before the start of the each session. Please log in at that time, and be sure to give yourself a few minutes to become familiar with the interface. For example, the small window in the top left can be ‘popped out’ and expanded. This will be especially helpful for people who want to see the presentations in sign.

Day 1 Friday 12th July 1pm to 6pm

Day 2 Saturday 13th July 9am to 6pm

Day 3 Sunday 14th July 1pm to 6pm

This is our first time hosting a virtual conference. We have rehearsed and practiced the set-up, and we ask for your patience if we run into any technical difficulties. We will do our best to rectify them as quickly as possible.

Mary Beth Kitzel, Director
Field School in Deaf Geographies