Deaf Geographies references – how you can help

As part of this blog, we’re looking to provide access to as many papers and other published works as possible that mention Deaf Geographies.

There are two key aims for this:

  1. To gather as much background as possible to inform what we do
  2. To provide a resource to help the Deaf community (academic and non) to understand the value of Deaf Geographies, and start to generate engagement around some of the concepts

A further aim is to start to make this information available and useful to the hearing academic community – and to begin to build power (in a Foucaultian sense) over the way that knowledges in this area are authored by the mainstream.

Both explicit and implicit references are useful –  anything that refers to, or discusses Deaf performances of space and place, Deaf topographies, Deaf utopias/dystopias, and so on is also welcome. There’s no limit to the coverage, which will grow and diversify as references and papers come to light.

Also, given the particularly spatial nature of Deaf community colonisation from the mid 19th century, ancient as well as modern resources are welcome. It would be nice to tie the theoretical association of DEAF people and geography (which appears to date most explicitly from 1994) into colonisation, or even pre-colonisation period historical material on Deaf utopias, the nature of DEAF realities and so on.

How you can help

Here are three ways you can help.

  • Send references – If you feel able, pleas email me as many references as you can. I’ll then try and find copies of the papers and make them available.
  • Send resources – If you have e-copies of papers or simply ‘bits’ of relevant documentation and are happy to pass those on, then please do. If they are big, I can set up a file transfer location or you can use something like <>.
  • Start discussions – If you feel really adventurous, send in a paper with a short review, or a few comments on the content which can then feature on the blog with space for discussion. Particularly useful here might be papers that are not explicitly on Deaf geographies, but that are pertinent to the way that Deaf geographies might be theorised.

And finally…

Finally, the Deaf Sandbox blog is an informal space for us to present and discuss ideas linked to Deaf Geographies, so if you’d like the ability to post to it, then please let me know.